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On January 25, 2014 in a ceremony at the school, Yorktown High School alumni inducted a third round of notable graduates to its Hall of Fame and Inspiration.

An inductee can be an achiever in any field of endeavor that brings credit to the school. He or she can be famous nationally or locally, living or deceased, and should be inspiring to the high school-age students who will walk by their plaques every day.

Previous inductees, a total of 19 of whom were inducted in 2004 and 2008, include TV personality Katie Couric, the late astronaut David Brown, Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt and TV producer Greg Garcia.

For questions, contact Charlie Clark at

Spring 2014 Inductions

Spring 2008 Inductions

Spring 2004 Inductions

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The Grenadier

The YHS Yearbook & Activities Directors Staff have now both contributed Grenadiers for the following years to our new Reference Library:

1962 1965 1967
1970 1971 1972 1976 1977 1978
1987 1988 1989
1990 1991 1994 1996 1998
2000 2003 2004 2005 2007 2008

We greatly appreciate their generosity.

So for those that are numerically challenged, here's a current list of the years we're missing:

2013 Reunions

Reunions 2013

(Rev. 15 Aug 2013)

We will not be sponsoring any reunions this year. We received the following information about unaffiliated events being organized by individuals from the classes indicated.  We are listing them as a courtesy to the classes affected, and are not responsible in any manner regarding any aspect of these events.  We post the information we have on our website as quickly as possible, so please do not contact us about anything associated with these events.  Instead, please contact the listed event contact directly. Thank you.

All reunion classes for 2011 are invited to join us as a standing committee of the corporation so we can help. Please get in touch with us by our deadline for accepting new reunion committees of March 31, 2011.  And we will include classes from which no decision was received as of that date in the planned School-Wide reunion.

And it's not too early to start on plans for 2014 reunions, either. 

50th Reunion

45th Reunion

40th Reunion

35th Reunion

30th Reunion

25th Reunion

20th Reunion

15th Reunion

10th Reunion

5th Reunion

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